PCT Journal: Days 1-10 (SoCal Pt. I)

Day 0 Scout and Frodo’s - San Diego, CA Arriving at Scout and Frodo’s the day before departing for the trail was truly a blessing. The two of them open their home to thru-hikers beginning their journey on the PCT and their generosity has no bounds. Upon arriving, I received a tour of their home … Continue reading PCT Journal: Days 1-10 (SoCal Pt. I)

It’s All In The Gear

Welcome to the obligatory pre-trail gear post! Although I’ve been subconsciously conducting research on the trail for months now, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to stick to my guns and make this hike happen. With that, I allotted myself one month to learn everything I could about thru-hiking gear. In the end, I’m … Continue reading It’s All In The Gear